October 2019 newsletter

Our October 2019 newsletter includes articles on managing drench resistance, lifetime maternals project summary, and an update on the understanding lamb mortality trial. To read the newsletter in full click here. We hope you find it an interesting read and if you have any questions feel free to give Bill a call.

Rams on the run


Our 2016 drop rams made the trek home from Creekton on the weekend to be shorn this week, in preparation for our 2017 sale which is on Wednesday 22 November, at 2pm. Make sure you get the date in your diary now!

rams pre-shearing 2017_shrunk

Lambing time is here

Lambing 2017 is underway at Palmerston Coopworths, with lamb number 100 tagged today. Only another 900 to go…we wish they were all as quiet as this old girl and measuring birth weights would be a breeze.


But there’s always time to lend a hand…taking some time to help some triplets get up and away.


Kiwi visit

Palmerston Coopworths escorted over 30 Kiwi and a smattering of Aussie Coopworth breeders on a 3 day “tiki tour” at the end of May. We pulled together a diverse itinerary which showcased the best of northern Tasmanian agriculture. The group were impressed by the diversity and quality of Tasmanian agriculture and the passion of those we visited. However, the unanimous highlight would have been the Tassie devil feeding time at Trowunna, where 7 devils made short work of a possum (declared the best use ever of a possum by those who witnessed it – we think that they’re selling their possum-merino blend a bit short).