Palmerston Coopworths breeding objectives

Our core breeding goal at Palmerston Coopworths is to produce an easy care, productive, dual purpose sheep ideally suited to Tasmanian conditions.

We are continually striving to improve the genetic base of our stud flock through thorough performance recording and introduction of new genetics via an ongoing AI program.

After 15 years of trialling various genetics we believe the genetics in the Coopworth sheep available today will enable us to meet our breeding goals, and provide our clients with top quality seed stock to improve production from their flocks.

Performance recording, combined with rigorous assessment of physical traits (e.g. wool, feet, black spots and confirmation) provides our clients with confidence that the rams they purchase from us will be true to type.

Performance recording of our stud sheep starts at birth, when we tag and weigh all lambs, and continues right through until our ram sale in November in the following year.

We subject all rams we select  for sale to a vet inspection for scrotal health and general health. All our animals (rams or ewe replacements) are vaccinated and come with an animal health certificate.

Palmerston Coopworths Sires.

Stud sires are selected by assessing  Lambplan figures for both individual traits and overall performance and then they need to be physically correct to enter the stud.

Young rams selected for sire use are not necessarily the highest Index animals, though they do need to be in the top ten percent. We are wanting to produce true maternal sheep so growth, fertility, wool, worm tolerance, wool tip, black feet and body shape are all included in the selection process.

Most sires impart positive genetic gain which can be measured by performance recording progeny, though it’s not unusual for some sire figures to erode due to one trait or another not coming up to expectations. We are always using ram lambs to speed up genetic gain and older non performing animals are quickly culled out.

To find out more details about our individual sires click here.

Palmerston Coopworth ewes

Palmerston Coopworths supplies clients with commercial ewe lambs as ewe replacements on request. Mixed age Coopworth ewes regularly scan 175%-185% in lamb(singles and twins) which can equate to over 200% counting triplets. Though we do have a preference not to have too many triplets as this doesn’t always equate to higher weaning rates.