Palmerston Coopworths Sires

Our 2019 and 2020 drop sires are listed below.  Click on the link for each sire to find out more and link through to the most up-to-date Lambplan figures.

Palmerston 180175

Palmerston 180175 has been used as a sire in 2021. He is a son of 170793. He has good eye muscle, excellent growth (top 20% for PWT), good for PWEC and high fertility (top 5%). For information on his latest figures or his pedigree click here.

Palmerston 170793

Palmerston 170793 is a typical Palmerston Coopworth type with both Coopworth and Coopdale bloodlines. He is positive (very good) for eye muscle, with good fertility and a curve bender for adult weight, which is a trait that we are targeting. For the latest information on his figures or pedigree click here. He has been used … Continue reading Palmerston 170793

Chrome 195709

Chrome 195709 was purchased in 2020 to increase our linkage with other maternal flocks and bring in some new genetics since we can no longer access New Zealand semen for AI.   He is predominantly descended from Chrome bloodlines with some influence from Cashmore Oakleigh, Twin Farm and Gates. He is in the top 20% for … Continue reading Chrome 195709

Cloven Hill 200219

Cloven Hill 200219 was purchased in 2020 at their Tasmanian sale.  He has Cloven Hill maternal composite bloodlines, with linkage to Cloven Hill 170188 who is descended from Twin Farm 070807. 170188 has linkage with 16 flocks and 1975 progeny, providing us with strong linkages. He was used as a sire for our 2021 drop … Continue reading Cloven Hill 200219

Palmerston 180105

Palmerston 180105 has been used as a sire in 2020. He is Coopworth and a quarter Coopdale, and is a son of 170963. He has good growth and good eye muscle (top 20%), excellent PWEC (top 20%) and reasonable fertility (these figures have been impacted by his female sibling figures). For the latest information on … Continue reading Palmerston 180105

Palmerston 170963

Palmerston 170963 was used as a sire in 2021. He has Coopdale on both his sire and dam’s side. Good growth (top 20% PWT), great eye muscle (top 10%) and good PWEC. His fertility has dropped this year, due to a small number of daughters that did not lamb well in difficult conditions, resulting in … Continue reading Palmerston 170963

Palmerston 200486

Palmerston 200486 is a grandson of Woodrising 180021. He was used for our 2021 lambing. He is a high growth ram in the top 20% for MCP+, positive eye muscle, moderate fertility. To view his pedigree or for update to date figures click here.

Palmerston 190016

Palmerston 190016 is a son of 160284 (who is now deceased), he has some New Zealand bloodlines on his sires side (MNCC90495). He is a highly fertile ram (top 5% for NLW), and good all rounder with reliable figures. For more information on his pedigree or latest figures click here.