Palmerston Coopworths Sires

Our current sires are listed below.  Click on the image for each sire to find out more and link through to the most up-to-date Lambplan figures.


Palmerston 120066 is the son of highly regarded New Zealand sire MNCC495 and is yet to be proven within the Australian LambPlan system. He was used at Palmerston for the first time in 2016. For current Palmerston figures click here.

Palmerston – 140071

Palmerston 140071 is a 2014 drop, by Marlow 144 with Hinenui 1218 on the dam’s side. Palmerston 140071 is a high fertility ram in the top 1% of Australian maternal sheep. For current Palmerston sire figures click here.

Palmerston – 140077

Palmerston 140077 is another of our 2014 drop, by Marlow 144, with no linkage to Hinenui 1218. For current Palmerston sire figures click here.

Palmerston 170838

Palmerston 170838 is the son of a New Zealand Coopworth ram from Puketauru Stud (progeny of our last available New Zealand semen). He is a typical New Zealand Coopworth type. For more information on his pedigree or to see his latest figures click here.

Palmerston 170963

Palmerston 170963 has Coopdale on both dam and sire side and is a typical Coopdale type, with a stocky build. He has low adult weight, positive eye muscle and average fertility. To view his pedigree or for up to date figures click here.

Palmerston 170847

Palmerston 170847 is a pure Coopworth with some New Zealand bloodlines. He has excellent eye muscle and has moderate adult weight and good fertility. For a detailed pedigree or up to date figures click here.